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This site is a proud representation of why & how of Me-Veggie...!!! slogan. This will be a revolution in itself when people call themselves Me-Veggie...!!! Day after day my feelings have become stronger & committed

I failed to justify someone’s killing to fill my stomach / taste.

I gave up non-vegetarian food after eating for 5 long yrs (1996-2000). Yes I can kill or be responsible for killing anyone, if it is must for my survival. They never harmed me, so why should I directly or indirectly be responsible for harming weaker beings; even when they cannot defend themselves. 

Yes I am still non-vegetarian in one sense, and am very choosy now. But I couldn’t win the battle against Tiger, and unfortunately no one has the guts to kill and serve them in restaurants.

It's natural for carnivorous animals like tigers to eat meat, but humans are not carnivores! We are omnivores, and can eat most foods. In other words we have a choice whether or not to kill for our food. Medical studies are proving that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer, diet-related diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure and many more. 

I was raized vegetarian . However as a Biology student during my projects I myself had to be a party to several poor animals sacrificed in the name of science and decided then and there that science is one thing - but animals could not be part of my diet as such. My husband became vegetarian fairly recently and I was really happy when my 10 year old son decided to be vegetarian after our move to India where there are so many veggie options. My daughter however relishes her chicken....but oh well.....13 year olds have minds of their own these days...
You are right - human organs are designed to be vegetarian. We r also ok surviving without milk beyond toddlerhood that is....
Anyway, thanks for sharing your website!
Carpe Diem!
I've been a vegetarian all my life ( 35 Years). I'm a vegetarian by birth and also by choice. People have often told me that not eating meat will lead to nutrition deficiency, or energy drainage, and that I'll have to take supplements. I'm in very good health and my energy levels are quite high. I have never felt the need to consume meat or even eggs.
I don't have a strong opinion on whether people should adopt vegetarianism or not. Its an individual decision. But those who want to do it need not be worried about any negative effects on health.There are countless examples of vegetarians who have lived a long and energetic lives. On the contrary, vegetarianism is a healthier way of living as compared to eating meat, and more and more people are realizing it.
While I have nothing against non-vegetarianism, I am strongly against the violence and ill-treatment of animals associated with it. We often see images of how animals are being made to wait in slaughter houses while other animals are killed in their presence. Sometimes animals are stacked into trucks, with no regard to the fact that they are still alive.
Some say prey-predator relationship is present in nature, and violence is inevitable. I beg to differ.If one were to observe how carnivorous animals hunt for food, it is obvious that they don't let their prey suffer for long. The hunt is over in minutes , sometimes seconds. Compare that to the plight of animals who have to wait for their fate for days and weeks, knowing fully well that they are going to be killed. How would we feel if we were a "dead man walking" ? It's barbaric.
So, while I would refrain from preaching vegetarianism to everyone, I will definitely suggest that we be sensitive to the plight of the animals who sacrifice their lives to provide food for us. They deserve to be treated with greater respect.

Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 1:08 PM

I appreciate the postings written here and also understand what goes behind what is written... the thoughts, the feelings and the spirit in which they are written. I am not here to support vegetarianism or defend non- vegetarians. I am a non vegetarian and love my non veg. Being a vegetarian or otherwise is a personal choice and everybody has their own reasons for making their choices and i have made mine. Thank you Suresh for giving me the opportunity of writing on your blog. Cheers
Bhavna Singh
Mon, Dec 20, 2010

I believe that in 100 years, people will look back on our society today and accuse us of "specie-ism," or discrimination against other species due to our treatment of other organisms.
Industrial agriculture in the US has transformed animals into factory-bred products. Animals live their short lives in stressful, dark and disease-infested environments. To induce rapid growth in these filthy conditions, these living products are often fed food which their bodies have not evolved to digest properly (such as corn-based foods, meats and other additives), and thus, they are injected with hormones and antibiotics in increasing levels. Their lives are nasty, brutish and short.
I am not a vegetarian, but I respect many points vegetarians make. There is a better way. Protein from animal sources is rich in nutrients, and homo sapiens have evolved over millions of years eating and digesting a wide range of foods. However, morally, I do agree that animals need not suffer. How we treat animals only affects how we treat ourselves, and the damage we do to our bodies is only a result of the industrialization of our agriculture.
In the future, I believe we will create bio-engineered meat proteins without killing animals. Homo sapiens could then digest a wider range of sources of nutrition without causing needless suffering. We could harvest meat without the ecological damage resulting from cattle raising, pork raising or even chicken raising. We could enjoy meat without harming a single animal.
Best wishes for your Web site.
Jason McDannold

poojanpreet.singh  via 
15th March 12

Hi Suresh,

I am a vegetarian by choice, since last 4 years and have always celebrated vegetarianism. However I wish to use your website for spreading some awareness, as to why one should switch to a vegetarian diet. I managed to mention some of the points here, in the mail, but I must say that if possible publish the attached PowerPoint presentation on your website. I have experienced that people get more convinced through pictorial representations, facts and figures instead of mere textual messages.

 Human Intestine= 30 feet

Tiger’s intestine= 4 feet

Hence it implies that vital human energy is wasted in the digestion of meat.

 Time taken by human digestive system to digest meat = 72 hours

Guess what happens to meat which is kept at room temperature for 3 days !!

 Needless to say, that Land and Water are required to raise some amount of beef. However, the same land and water can be used to raise much more amount of grains as compared to the raised beef. Hence our natural resources go waste due to our carnivorous dietary trends. The destruction of Tropical Rain Forests, is a consequence of the above stated fact only.

 No one is unaware of the harmful effects of Global Warming. The simplest action that one can take to fight against Global Warming, is to shift to a vegetarian diet. This would, in turn, retain the ecological balance. Lastly I request you to spare merely 5 minutes, so as to go through the contents of the attached presentation. I am sure that it would help you change your mind to a great extent.

Click here for - Why Eat Veg Presentation with some statistics

 Thanks & Regards,

Poojanpreet Singh


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